Single Mast Vertical Aluminium Lift

Description:Single mast vertical aluminium lift is very light and easy to be operated by single person with control panels on platform and ground. With high quality and excellent performance, the lift provides a reliable method for lifting people and tools or goods up for various tasks,doing maintenance work, construction or emergency access for firefighters....

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single mast vertical aluminium lift

1). It adopts high strength aluminum alloy, light weight, compact main body,easily pushed around to the designated sites.

2). Platform height : 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m etc, the max height can reach 20m.

3). Loading capacity : from 100KG to 250KG.


1.Single Aluminum Lift are made up of high grade aluminum profile and equipped with the universal wheels, easily pushed around to the designated sites.

2.Beautiful structure,compact main body,light weight,safe and reliable.

3.The control panels are available on the lift platforms and ground.

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