Hydraulic Aluminium Lift

Description:Hydraulic aluminium lift is very light and easy to be operated by single person with control panels on platform and ground. With high quality and excellent performance, the lift provides a reliable method for lifting people and tools or goods up for various tasks,doing maintenance work, construction or emergency access for firefighters....

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6m to 10m aerial hydraulic aluminium lift


Moving by man manully.

Lifting by AC(without battery) power or DC(with battery) power

AC: Voltage as per your local standard.

DC: Battery supply power.


Dual controls operation

Multi-guide pulley on mast

Dual base platform

Chassis with level gauge

Over load protection

24V safe control voltage

Double safety protection with leveling stabilizers and outriggers support

No-marking wheels

Low maintenance requirements will save youtime andmoney.

Safety of Electrical and hydraulic System

Ergonomic control panel, power indicator, electric shock protector, circuit breaker etc.

Built in pressure release valve

Emergency stop buttons are available both on the platform and on the low position.

Emergency lowering device

Broken valve activated automatically to stop the flowing of hydraulic oil in case any pipe broken.

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