Vertical Man Lift

Description:Vertical man lift uses high strength aluminum section bar to produced. Featured by it’s beautiful appearance, small volume, light self-weight, good stability, and flexible operation. The double mast single man lift has one, two, three or four masts according to the different heights....

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Multi-mast Vertical man Lift GTWY Series

It is only for personal working and loading in exhibition hall, warehouse, supermarket, airport, port, etc. CE certified.

Multi-mast vertical man lift GTWY Series:

1. The product adopts the design of aluminum mast which is light and smart.

2. Light weight design allow it to be easily transported by a single person.

3. Several models are available with the maximum working height at 4m, 6m, 10m, 12m, 18m, 21m, etc.

4. Easy to use and enhance the productivity.

5. Compact size provide access in and around confined work areas.

Standard equipment

1. Leveling outrigger device

2. Emergency stop button

3. Battery charge indicator

4. Electric limit switch

5. Two controller operation

6. Emergency down button

7. Leveling indicator

8. Over loading limited device

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