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The Latest Application Of Fixed-type Boarding Bridge Lifting Platform
Oct 25, 2018

Stationary hydraulic Dock Bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for rapid cargo loading and unloading, and its height adjustment function makes a bridge between the freight truck and the warehouse, forklift trucks and other moving vehicles through it can directly into the truck inside the bulk loading and unloading, only need single work, can realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods.

Fixed lifting platform is used for high-level transportation of the building of the special hydraulic lifting table products are mainly used in a variety of work between the goods transported up and down, the three-dimensional garage and underground garage floor of the high-rise car lift and so on. The product structure is strong, the carrying capacity is big, the lifting is stable, the installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, it is the ideal cargo conveying equipment of the low floor replacing elevator.

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