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The Basic Working Principle Of Lifting Platform Aerial Work Machine
Oct 25, 2018

Now, as long as the theory of the work can be done, everything is so much easier, what kind of working principle is the lifting platform? 

\Hydraulic oil from the vane pump to form a certain pressure, through the oil filter, flameproof solenoid valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control valve, balance valve into the lower end of the liquid cylinder, the piston upward movement of the liquid cylinders, lifting the heavy, the upper end of the tank back to the oil through the explosion-type solenoid reversing valve back to the tank. This is the principle of hydraulic lift work, hydraulic oil through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve into the upper end of the liquid cylinder, the lower end of the oil through the balance valve, liquid-controlled check valve, throttle, flameproof solenoid valve back to the tank. The electric elevator working principle is electricity as a power system, installed an overload voice alarm, to distinguish between overloading or equipment failure. Electronic control system through the explosion-proof button to control the rotation of the motor to make flameproof solenoid valve reversing, in order to maintain the load increase or decrease, and through the program to adjust the time delay, to avoid frequent motor start and the rise and fall is not flexible, card machine phenomenon, prolong the service life.

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