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Teach You To Take Care Of The Hydraulic Lift
Oct 25, 2018

1. The brakes of each organization shall often be viewed and adjusted to ensure that the gap between the brake pads and brake wheels is sensitive and reliable. There should be no dirt on the surface of the conflict, and it is necessary to wash it off with petrol or thinner.

2. Some of the smooth and hydraulic oils of the gearbox, gearbox and external gear are carried out according to the requirements of the smooth table.

3. Be careful to see if there are any wire ropes or loose strands in each section. It is necessary to change it immediately if it is beyond the rules. The protection and protection of steel wire ropes should be strictly according to gb5144-85 rules.

4. Hydraulic lifting table often see the cohesion of the various parts of the situation, if loose should be tightened. The body connecting bolts should be in the elevator body under pressure to see the tightness (can use the method of rotating arm to form a pressure condition), all the connection to a slightly axis is necessary to have an open pin, and need to be opened abundant.

5. Often see whether the work of the Organization is normal, there is no noise, such as the detection of defects, it is necessary to timely cleaning.

6. Equipment, disassemble and adjust the reversal of the organization, should pay attention to ensure that the reverse tissue reducer centerline and gear centerline parallel, its meshing surface is not less than 70%, the meshing gap should be appropriate.

7. Always check all the wires and cables for any damage. To be promptly bandaged and replaced with some of the damage.

8. The electric motor has overheated appearance to be in time to park the car, remove the problem and then continue to operate, motor bearings smooth to outstanding.

9. Some brushes, the touch surface to keep clean, adjust the brush pressure, so that its touch area of not less than 50%.

10. Each control box, distribution box and so on often keep clean, clean the dust on the electrical equipment in time.

11. The contact opening and closing of the travel switch of each safety equipment is necessary and reliable, the contact arc pit should be polished in time.

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