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Precautions For Use Of Lifting Platform
Oct 25, 2018

Mobile lifts, it works by using a hydraulic lift plus an electronic integrated controller. In the convenience of lifting at the same time can adjust the height of the general elevator with anti-skid insulation plastic water ripple plate to prevent the occurrence of dangerous, easy replacement, the overall beautiful and generous.

Do not have to use the manual lifting ladder as laborious, the actual realization of the safety and speed! Save time and effort! However, the operation of the mobile elevator is also a lot of attention to the place

1. Before the use of mobile lifts must first be no-load ups and downs, check the hydraulic system is normal.

2. Where the mobile lift must be used before the use of four legs, and the degree of correction can be used to ensure tranquility.

3. In order to ensure the tranquility, the mobile lifts on both sides of the station people (or not standing) is better, in case of accidents.

4. The station load shall not be greater than the rated value, and shall not be a violent shaking.

5. Usually shaft xiao oil hole, before each use must add lubricating oil.

6. In order to ensure the use of mobile elevator life, as far as possible to accept the person to manipulate, custody, any non-electrical professional staff should not be free to disassemble electrical appliances, to prevent accidents and chaos.

7. In the mobile elevator after the event, the lifts should be scrubbed clean, not when the work should be landed to the lowest position, so as not to prevent the piston rod appearance rust.

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