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Future Trend Of Electric Lifts
Oct 25, 2018

Our country lifts the freight elevator industry from only can carry on the electric lift platform simple maintenance, the maintenance, gradually develops becomes the research and development, the production, the sale, installs, the service five integrated high-tech industry.

According to statistics, at the end of 2004, the total number of elevators in mainland China has reached 651794 units. China's electric elevator industry can only carry out basic maintenance of the elevator, maintenance. Slowly develop into a set of production, manufacturing, sales, research, installation, service six in one of the high-tech industry.

Incomplete statistics, at present, our country put into use the number of lifts has reached 7,000 units. Industry insiders said China's electric lift platform market is far from saturation, has become the world's largest elevator market. Received real estate, urban public construction and other industrial development impact, the next 5 years, China's elevator honest will continue to maintain an annual increase of 25% speed. At present, China's elevator honest attracts almost all the attention of elevator manufacturers all over the world. With the rapid development of computers, the network for the global Elevator Enterprise fighters, Exchange provides a platform.

2011 Global lifting platform market in China accounted for 35% of sales, ranked first in the world. 2011 Although the decline in the real estate industry, electric lift sales have declined, but the electric lift platform overseas market expansion, the domestic brand has maintained a strong momentum of development at the same time China's elevator product structure adjustment speed, China's electric lift production in 2011, although slightly fluctuating, China's domestic electric elevator enterprises are undergoing the test, ushered in the history of China's elevator in the first winter, the major, medium and small elevator enterprises to survive this winter has made the greatest efforts. This winter, although cold, but to accelerate China's electric elevator industry integration, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and further adapt to the international market is a positive advance.

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