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What are the types of lifts?
Oct 25, 2018

First, mobile lifts The movable elevator adopts the scissor structure, and the lifting structure is made of high strength manganese steel rectangular tube, which has high stability and bearing capacity.

Is widely used in high-altitude installation, maintenance, decoration, cleaning, etc. need to move the operation of the occasion.

Second, fixed type elevator Fixed elevator is directly from the ground lifting loading and unloading equipment, no need to set up a cargo platform, after the completion of the operation and the surface of the ground plane, occupy the ground space, does not affect the passage.is widely used, car lift, three-dimensional car park, the height of the production line between the freight transport and other cargo

Three, guide-type Elevator The rail type elevator is a kind of non-scissor lift, which can not be used for the development of ground pits, and is mainly used for loading and unloading of high floor and complex site. are widely used in warehouses.

Terminals, workshops, docks, industrial plants and other places need vertical transport of goods, but also the lower floor between the ideal product of the replacement elevator.

Four, aluminum alloy lift Aluminum Lifting machine weight light, good maneuverability, compact structure, beautiful appearance. is widely used in municipal management, tree pruning, workers and other manned aerial work.

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