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Suzhou has become the physical distribution machinery Limited company since to establish boldly, throughout take creates the first-class physical distribution product as the goal, promotes the cargo handling and the cargo lifting job positively toward is more secure, the convenient direction develops, implements the performance fast advanced material transporting solution for the client.


The company area 8000 square meters, the workshop 5000 square meters, the attendance is known as " the heaven on earth, the land of plenty " the laudatory name south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River center, south depends on Suzhou, north depends on Wuxi, east approaches Shanghai and Nanjing to be high speed, west neighbor Tai Lake, the transportation convenient looks at the pavilion town.

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    Over 10 Years Experience

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    Strict Quality Control

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    Real Materials Reasonable Price

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    24 Months Warranty Period

  • 1. The brakes of each organization shall often be viewed and adjusted to ensure that the gap between the brake pads and brake wheels is sensitive and reliable. There should be no dirt on the surface o

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  • Now in the development process, for different high-end lifting platform research, can create a different concept for the general public, the high-end platform for the building, mainly to participate i

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